Building an Effective One Page Marketing Plan


Today, we’re going to talk about building an effective one-page marketing plan, keeping it simple while understanding the moving parts and what motivates people. We’ll explore how to link all the different ways you deliver value to your prospects and customers.

Understanding the Plan

The plan may seem haphazard at first glance. However, once we dissect it, we can structure our marketing plan methodically.

Benefits-Based Approach

Identify the benefits of your product or service. What do your customers gain? This understanding is crucial for effective marketing.

Chaining Transactions

Transactions can be of two types: relationship-based and revenue-based. We’ll use the value equation to understand the psychology behind these transactions.

Call to Action

While transactions ideally flow seamlessly, effective calls to action can lead customers from one point to another, maximizing engagement.

The Value Equation

We’ll delve into the value equation, focusing on outcome, likelihood of achievement, specificity, and hidden costs. This equation is designed to increase the perception of value while reducing barriers to investment.


We’ll examine examples to understand how to apply the value equation effectively in different scenarios, such as real estate and digital security services.

Linking Relationship and Revenue Products

We’ll explore how to link relationship products, like informative blog posts, to revenue products, such as product sales, using strategic calls to action.

Workshopping and Analysis

Attendees are encouraged to analyze their own marketing offers using the value equation and seek improvements based on its principles.

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